NCML belongs to Naheed group having business concentration on manufacturing yarns of different quality which is the major input for knitting and weaving mills.

The group started its operation with Naheed Cotton Mills Ltd. in 1989 and subsequently established Delsey Cotton Spinning Mills Ltd. and Naheed Composite Textile Mills Ltd.. However, all the business units are producing cotton yarn where Naheed Cotton Mills Ltd. uses both ring and rotor to produce yarn ranging from 3 to 82 counts and other two units use ring frame to produce yarn ranging from 22 to 82 counts. The current production capacity of Naheed Cotton Mills Ltd. is 94.57 tones per day, Delsey Cotton Spinning Mills is 28.60 tones Per day and Naheed Composite Textile Mills Ltd. is 50 tones per day. In the group, all the units produce cotton yarn and there are no significant inter-company receivables and payables and interdependence among the units of the group. The overall solvency of the group has been found good.

Ownership and control :

NCML is a family oriented business. Ownership of NCML is shared by the family members of Mr. Abdul Waheed. He is the Chairman and Managing Director of the company and having 20 years of experience in the textile sector. The details of the director’s qualification, age and experience is stated below:

Name Age Designation
Md. Abdul Waheed 64 Chairman & M.D
Nargis Delwara Begum 54 Director
Ms. Tanzina Naheed 33 Director
Mrs. Farzana Naheed 32 Director
Naheed Shabnam 25 Shareholder
Md. Zakiullah 42 Executive Director
Mir Zubair Quasem 38 Director

Being a family oriented business; the owners are directly involved ‘n core operation of the business and as such full control remain vests upon the owners. The Managing Director instructs respective department heads and General Manager (Factory) to implement decisions and policies.